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Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Do successful email marketing with our special work of art

The motto of all companies is to attain the utmost numbers of potential customers. As one of email advertising service providers we, at SocialTitli, can help you in this field in the best possible way.

Real-time personalization system

With the help of our Real Time Personalization system, we can offer real time appropriate content matter across channels. Moreover, you can get the utility to generate a dynamic content that gives additional advantages to email marketing. It makes all your emails more relevant to the readers because they are competent to have contents within their inbox. Besides, the essence of such platform of our company is based on making a sense of necessity in clients' mind. Our advanced system has the capacity to exhibit live contents in your email marketing communication, and as a result, it can add wonderful value to different marketing as well as promotional activities.

Email Marketing Platform

This is one of the essential Email tools that simplify the Email marketing by generating an uncomplicated platform, which includes a number of steps like uploading of list, uploading of campaign and sending. You can also get analytical outputs like tracking emails, links number of clicks etc.

Consulting services for successful email marketing

The strategic consultations facility from our experts can assist you to focus on gaining high ROI in this intricate world of the email marketing.

By means of our specialization in the area of online communication service, we are able to support you by initiating customer relationships with the online marketing. Besides, we will facilitate you to accomplish sustainable and considerable developments to email marketing projects. For optimizing the conversation between you and your client, we will take into consideration your individual goals, technical opportunities and resources.

Unlimited image hosting service

As the best method of email marketing, you have to make use of hosted images for your email operations. It will decrease the size for each email and raise your delivery time as well as percentage. We can even offer you our image hosting facility at negligible cost with all the packages.

Our managed solution can comprise:

  • Making of custom email template
  • Email formation - You give the content and pictures, we perform the rest.
  • Mailing system and operation - We deliver you proofs and do changes as required.
  • Campaign design and arrangement - Programmed and transactional operations.

So, our email marketing program has the ability to cover a number of steps to fulfill your need.